Put simply, quality is our first priority; we strive to offer the very best food service in Berkshire and the surrounding areas. Here at CA Belcher, we provide quality fruit and veg to UK catering professionals as well as a wide range of establishments, including restaurants, pubs, hotels, schools and colleges.

However, how do you identify quality produce? What are the tell tale signs that items of fruit and vegetables are of high quality? How can you avoid over-ripe foods and identify signs of slow rot?

How To Identify High Quality Fresh Produce

According to the ISHS, “Quality of fresh fruits and vegetables is generally based on the chemical composition or physical characteristics or a combination of these two factors" However, how does this translate into characteristics we can identify without destructive scientific estimation methods.

  • Smell. For those who watch cooking shows on television, you'll often notice some of the chefs smelling ingredients whilst picking out the fresh produce they want to use in their culinary creations. This is because one of the many simple ways of identifying high quality produce is by smelling it.

Lots of people who have purchased fruit and veg from a local store have experienced under-ripe or spoiled food, however by giving it a quick smell you can help to reduce the chances of this disappointing occurrence repeating. For example, with regards to fruits and melons, if fresh the fruit should have a light and sweet smell, whereas a fruit with a strong aroma would indicate that it is over-ripe, and a stinky smell would suggest that the fruit in question has gone bad.

  • Texture. When handling fresh produce, the texture of the fruit and veg is a great indicator of its quality. For example, vegetables such as cucumbers, peppers, and potatoes, the vegetable should be as firm as possible, even the slightest amount of give could be an indicator of an over-ripe vegetable and softness is an indicator of slow rotting.

With regards to fruits and melons, the surface should be smooth and firm. If you feel a dent under the surface of the fruit, this is an indicator that the fruit could be slowly rotting under the skin; the flesh of the fruit should be firm with a small amount of give.

  • Colour & Visual Cues. With fresh fruit and vegetables, the colour is a key indicator on how fresh the produce is, alongside other visual cues. For example,with leafy greens (such as kale) you're ideally looking for a consistent green colour that is smooth and unbroken. However, if there is a little brown on the leaves and some minor tears, this could be caused by shipping; however still these marks should be in the exception and minimal.

With regards to tree ripened fruits, the colouration should be even across the entire surface. This means that you should avoid tree ripened fruits with dark marks or spots. With regards to citrus fruits, this may also appear as white streaks or colours on the surface of the fruit.

Why Should You Choose CA Belcher?

Choosing your fruit and vegetable wholesaler is a very important decision, so why should you choose CA Belcher, what makes us better than the competition?

Over our decades of experience, we have worked alongside many professionals including Michelin star chefs and the executive chef of the Queen. Simply put, the standards and the level of quality we are able to offer are second to none.

However, our high quality fruit and veg isn't just for renowned industry celebrities; by choosing to source your fruit and veg from us, you can use the same high quality produce from Coven Garden traders and other major Western International markets that high profile professionals use.

Additionally, in order to provide an even greater service to our customers in the catering and restaurant industries, we provide a reliable and efficient delivery service covering the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Sussex and North Hampshire areas. Our delivery team are able to provide our customers with produce 6 days a week, however should the need arise; our delivery request service is available 365 days a year.

Interested In Fresh Quality Fruit & Veg? Give CA Belcher A Call

With such a diverse selection of different flavours, textures, and aromas, fruit and vegetables are an essential part of any kitchen. For some; fruit and vegetables are some of their favourite foods. So with such importance placed on quality fruit and veg, it's essential that your business chooses the right supplier.

Here at CA Belcher, we always strive to meet all of our customer's requirements and establish a long standing working relationship. So if you are interested in placing an order, or if you would like more information regarding any of the products that are available for purchase from CA Belcher, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 0118 975 2466, or by sending us an email at enquiries@cabelcher.com. Our team will be happy to help.

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