Frozen Puree

Apple coulis kg

Apricot coulis kg

Banana coulis kg

Blackberry coulis kg

Black cherry coulis kg

Blackcurrant coulis kg

Blood orange coulis kg

Blood peach coulis kg

Blueberry coulis kg

Chestnut & Vanilla kg

Cherry Morello coulis kg

Coconut coulis kg

Cranberry & morello coulis kg

Fig coulis kg

Red fruits coulis kg

Guava coulis kg

Kalamansi coulis kg

Kiwi coulis kg

Lemon coulis kg

Lime coulis kg

Lychee coulis kg

Mandarin coulis kg

Mango coulis kg

Mara des bois coulis kg

Melon coulis kg

Mirabella plum coulis kg

Passion coulis kg

Paw paw coulis kg

Pear coulis kg

Pineapple coulis kg

Pink grapefruit coulis kg

Pumpkin coulis kg

Raspberry coulis kg

Redcurrant coulis kg

Rhubarb coulis kg

Spicy Mango kg

Strawberry coulis kg

Sun citrus fruit coulis kg

Tropical fruits coulis kg

White peach coulis kg

Wild strawberry coulis kg

Frozen Berries

Blackberries kg

Blueberries kg

Cherries kg

Cranberries kg

Mixed berries kg

Raspberries kg

Strawberries kg

Dried Goods

Yeast pkt

Edible flowers pkt

Tinned Products

Baked Beans 6 tins


Tomatoes 6x 2.55kg

Chick peas 6 tins

Peach slices 2650ml

Pineapple pieces 3kg

Wines & Vinegars

Red and white wine 5ltr

Red and white wine vinegar 5ltr

Port and medeira 2ltrs

Brandy 2ltrs

Prepared Produce

Pineapple juice 12x200ml

Tomato juice case

Orange juice tray

Grapefruit juice tray

Cranberry juice tray

Large peeled potatoes

Paramentier potatoes

Parisenne potatoes

Sliced potatoes

Chateau potatoes

Cocotte potatoes

Peeled maris piper

Beefeater chips

Peeled carrots

Coleslaw mix

Grated carrot

Sliced carrot

Baton carrot

Baton mouli

Diced swede 1cm

Dice mix veg 1cm/20mm

Dice butternut squash 1cm

Baton parsnip

Peeled parsnip

Paramentier parsnip

Quarter parsnips

Baton swede

Cauliflower florets

Broccoli florets

Round fondants

Oval fondants

Pick spinach

Parmentier carrots

Parmentier swede

Peeled onion

Peeled red onion

Parisienne potatoes

Peeled salsify

Peeled shallots

Shredded white cabbage

Shredded green cabbage

Sliced onions

Baby bell red peppers

Orange segments 4 pints

Grapefruit segments 4 pints

Fruit salad 4 pints

Diced pumpkin 1cm

Diced onion 1cm

Diced carrot 1cm

Julien stir-fry


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